Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chloe getting a much needed retightning. Her hair is coming along beautifully. Her lockaversary was Christmas 2010 (one year) we both love her hair more and more each day! more pictures soon. Remember we are on facebook please support our page (like)
Lock Away


  1. She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Her skin is so pretty she looks like a little HERSHEY'S KISS!!! I am so happy that she's enjoying her hair and I am VERY impressed that she can sit still in order to get them done!! What a beautiful little girl!!!!!!

  2. Hey Afrolady, I think I responded directly to your email, but wanted to post this belated thanks here so others would not think I was rude or unappreciated. Yes, she is a beautiful piece of chocolate :-) and now manages to sit through her retightens in almost one sessions. The key is she loves her hair and realizes that "it must be done" thanks for stopping