Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chloe getting a much needed retightning. Her hair is coming along beautifully. Her lockaversary was Christmas 2010 (one year) we both love her hair more and more each day! more pictures soon. Remember we are on facebook please support our page (like)
Lock Away

Client BA

older pictures of chloes hair

client cw

Hello I just wanted to make this post about one of my clients (who shall remain nameless) Her hair was making great progress until she used a product made by someone who has and installs sisterlocks(well over 10 years) I dont know if she used it improperly or if it was not designed for use by newbies but her hair which had stopped slipping all slipped out in the back. I knew as soon as I touched it that she had used a product. Please check with your consultant before using anything on your hair. That is what we are there for to consult with you about your hair.

On another note I have submitted my paperwork to become certified and waiting to hear back I understand that I am just waiting for Dr. C to sign off on it.

Will be posting some client photos soon and a few of Chloes hair which is progressing nicely

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's been a long long time...

Hey everyone, sorry for being away so long, but I have good reason. Had some technical issues and I have been busy sharing the gift of Sisterlocks by way of Lock-Away. I am proud to say I will be submitting my paperwork for certification this December. It is my goal to upload some client photos and just tell you a little bit about what I have been experiencing with my clients. There are a few things that I am gonna touch on that will maybe help others as they embark on their new journey. I am by no means an expert but I am big on customer service. I am finding out that while alot of women do the research (as I did) many are only seeing photos of mature or fairly new locks but not the photos of the chicken look or the look with lots of parts showing. I try to let my clients know what to expect so they won't be surprised like I was lol... Now, there are ways to get past that initial shocker by helping your client not leave looking like a chicken. I try to wash, braid, or braid and roll as I install so that when they leave they will have some kind of "look".

Another thing is demostrating the washing process, if you look in my archive you will see that I said I was uncomfortable with washing in the beginning because I did not clearly understand how to do it. I make sure sure ( I know I said sure twice) that my clients understand washing. I also provide a spritz for their use so they won't have to wonder if a product is okay to use. I must say I was so intimidated by my hair at first that I did absolutely nothing to it.
The other thing is the loose ends...I tell them what to expect and how their ends should change but again I make sure that the customer feels comfortable talking to me about it. I almost cut my ends did not know any better.....

It is my job to make the client feel as good about their journey as possible. These are just a few things that seem to keep coming up so if your considering joining the Sisterlock family make sure that you can "consultant" with your consultant about anything pertaining to your hair if not you may want to seek out another because you will be spending alot of time together.

If you are on facebook check out my Lock-Away page and support it please. I will do better trying to post and client pictures will be coming soon. If you are a potential client and would like to see photos or need a reference please contact me and I will send it directly to you. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow us on our journey

Monday, June 28, 2010

Look at Chloe's progress

This baby loves her sisterlocks even more than me. I really love them because it is so easy to do her hair. One quick spray of distilled water with EO and a clip and she is off to play.

It's been too long....

Hi, It has been way to long since I posted. What can I say technical and life challenges, still trying to get settled in beautiful Kingsland Ga. I just couldn't resist showing so updated photos. It's amazin how little you notice your own changes until you look at side by side photos like these........I assure you I will get back to you soon just making some neccessary adjustments. I love my Sisterlocks and Chloe really loves hers. She only seems to want to freestyle. Let me know what you think. My install was 9-05-09, these photos are 04-12-10 and it has grown even more since

Friday, February 19, 2010

Look at a FEW of the products I donated...

This is not everything! Some of the stuff I don't even want to give away I dont want to be a party to some women not being blessed to be free. I want to throw it away, but I swear everything was so expensive. I had mouse'(no I do not intend on using any on my hair), spritz ( only used it every now and again), gels, jam, wax, grease yeah I said grease and in all forms, pressing oil you name it. Two of those tiny tiny hot combs. Wow...I still have boxes of wigs; I may keep a few of them for fun if you know what I mean.LOL LOL LOL not what you thinking

Hair update and more photos

Hi as I said I have really missed posting. Since relocating I was in need of a retightnening since I had minor surgery on my left arm and while I am able to maintain Chloe's hair I don't have enough range of motion to do all of my own.

Well...Keisha Walker in Jacksonville was so kind to me via yahoo lockitup group when I asked if anyone in the group was in the area near where I was moving. She was the only one who responded. Anyway, I called upon her prior to moving and she was a true blessing to me. I told her she had the best touch. It felt like butterflies were in my hair her hands were so light.

My hair is doing well despite my not wearing a bonnet all the time. I mostly freestyle, curls for my length just don't seem to work for me. I love my hair! I do have a few locks in the top that need to have the tension adjusted. Growing well and I can now see the locks starting to mature remember I am at 25 weeks now how cool is that?

A few shots of me and Chloe....

Both Chloe and her hair are simply Beautiful... (that's what I believe)

In these photos I am 22 weeks locked and Chloe is 6 weeks locked

just a few photos of Chloe's hair during her first retightening

It's been a short while and I have missed regular postings. I was in and still am in the process of relocating from Lawrenceville Ga to Kingsland Ga; where I intend to proudly offer the gift of sisterlocks :-) You know I took the class in Dec 09.

Chloe's hair has done really well! She has had absolutely no slippage. Her hair has a really low density and all her locks with the exception of maybe 10 out of 299 are relatively small. Like her momma she has a small head. There are only a few that look weak. She is learning how to care for her hair. Neither of us have faithfully worn our bonnets :-( I do however sleep on my satin case, but Chloe would require satin sheets since she never stays on the pillow or off the carpet.

Her first retightening was at 6 had grown so